Prodigy Design & Development


Our goal at PD&D is to empower you as a company or individual to display yourself to the public in a professional manner so that you can stand out from the crowd and show everyone that what you have is superior to what others can offer. Below is a list of what we can do to accomplish this.

Web Design: When you chose us to design your website we will work this you directly to develop exactly what you need. We incorporate standards which allow your site to look it's best on any device (phone, tablet, pc, tv, etc.) opening your business to many. We can provide you with superior tracking monitoring to see which pages most customers visit the longest allowing you to focus your attention on the areas of business that grab the most attention. We can employ slideshows, videos, audio, images, animations and more to help grab attention. We also a CMS (content management system) allowing you to stay in control by editing the content of your site whenever you want.

Android App Development: Bring your company to a new level of awesome with an Android App. With an app from PD&D you are able to make your services more accessible.


Video Design: If you have a video that you want created or edited we can help. By combining